Group Coaching Under 8

7 & 8 
Tue/Thu - 17.00 - 18.00
Sat - 8.00 - 9.00
Sun - 17.00 - 18.00
60 Minutes
1 classes per week – AED 600
2 classes per week - AED 1000 
The Program is designed for kids between the age of 7 & 8 of all skills and abilities. Run over 12 weeks, each session will consist of 60 action-packed minutes of fast-paced cricket games, net sessions, skill and fundamental movement activities. Our Under-8 program is perfect for both the young cricketing fanatic or the first-timer new to the game! With a focus on smaller boundary sizes, shortened pitches, and plenty of game-play, our kids develop fundamental cricketing skills in a fun-filled environment while learning how to be part of a team! The program uses "soft" cricket balls throughout  - meaning no helmets, no pads! Just bats, balls and a whole lot of fun!
A typical session structure will look like: 
- 10 mins skills rotation 
- 50 Minutes – Blast games or nets 
- Closing & Pack Up