Rules And Regulations


  1. Games, tournaments and any other competitions that ZCA runs within any of its courses are operated at its sole and entire discretion and according to the terms of its Player, Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct, which can be viewed below. 
  2. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by anyone entering any competition or as a result of accepting any prize.



  1. ZCA is responsible for providing suitable coaching personnel, equipped with the equipment they need to structure their sessions and access to suitable and safe facilities.  ZCA is also responsible for ensuring that all of its coaches are suitably qualified, have relevant police background checks, suitable insurances and emergency first aid training.
  2. Each ZCA participant is solely responsible for providing their cricket equipment including protective equipment, suitable cricket footwear, ZCA branded training and playing clothing as well as sufficient water to stay hydrated and all necessary precautions to protect them from the sun and heat.
  3. All ZCA activities and communications, be they via digital means or in-person are conducted in English.
  4. Registered participants are responsible for attending ZCA sessions.  As a matter, of course, ZCA will not offer make-up sessions for any sessions missed for any reason except the circumstances outlined in Refund and Cancellation Policy (above)
  5. Selection for ZCA games and any representative programme shall be at the sole discretion of the ZCA coaching team and according to the ZCA Selection Policy.
  6. All ZCA activities and their schedules are subject to change and may be altered at ZCA’s sole discretion at any time for, but not limited to, the following reasons; inclement weather or climatic conditions, venue availability or the suitability, insufficient programme participation, staff illness/ injury, Public or Religious holidays or under the terms of ADC’s Force Majeure clauses. Should ZCA choose to postpone or cancel any of its activities it shall do so at its sole discretion and will not offer any refunds unless otherwise stated.
  7. ZCA does not permit any video or other filming/ recording equipment at its activities unless express, prior written approval has been obtained from the ZCA Management.  Accordingly, ZCA participants accept that they cannot record or attempt to record (whether permanently or transiently) or transmit moving images or voices of anyone at or involved in ZCA activities.
  8. ZCA participants shall commit not to disclose or use any aspect of ZCA’s content or activities for their commercial purposes.
  9. Any guests of ZCA participants, including siblings or minors under the age of 21 years should are not the responsibility of ZCA and should be suitably prepared or supervised.



1.Position Statement:

Zayed Cricket Academy exists to help players to learn how to play and enjoy cricket regardless of age, gender or ability.

This Code of Conduct sets out the commitment that ZCA makes to its players and in turn, is designed to set out the expectations ZCA has for its players, parents and guardian’s behaviour.

Our utmost priority is that all ZCA players have fun and enjoy everything that the great game of cricket has to offer. We ask that all players, parents and guardians understand and embrace this philosophy as we believe that it will help to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for everyone concerned.

We also ask that every player, parent and guardian take note of the following:

- Cricket is a game designed as such that every player will experience success and failure at different times, this is normal and should be accepted as part of each participant’s learning journey. 

- Zayed Cricket Academy cannot guarantee success and in certain cases, does not believe that winning in competition is more important than each participant’s learning and development.  ZCA knows that learning how to win in games is important, but as with any sport, winning cannot be guaranteed.

- Therefore, all participants and their parents and/ or guardians should be aware that ZCA will strive to help each player to develop to their full potential assuming that the participant commits to their learning, whether that be learning that occurs when they experience success or failure – we, therefore, ask that you please accept any result with dignity and respect

- Children are not mini-adults; their behaviour, performance and development should not be compared to that which might be witnessed in adult participants

- ZCA players are here for their enjoyment – that is and must remain everyone’s priority

- ZCA coaching staff are professionally trained and experienced cricket coaches, with significant experience of the game and how young players learn – they are there to support each player’s development and their work and their working environment (ZCA) should be respected, just as any other working environment would be

- During ZCA activities, we ask that parents, guardians and spectators do not intervene, offer advice or enter the field of play or training environment

- Hard work is just as worthy of praise as a success, please applaud and celebrate both

- Please do not criticise participants, their coaches or the match officials – people know when they have made mistakes and do not need to be reminded of them



2. ZCA operates its activities in line with all policy, process and applicable regulations and laws that apply to them under the Federal Law of the United Arab Emirates.  Furthermore, ZCA is subject to the policies and regulations that are mandated to it by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Emirates Cricket Board and International Cricket Council in relation to, but not limited to:

    - Anti-corruption

    - Anti-doping

    - Anti-racism and discrimination

    - Safeguarding and wellbeing

    - The Laws of Cricket

    - Venue and Spectator safety

It is each participant’s responsibility to become familiar with these regulations, policies and laws and to abide by them at all times.



3. ZCA has adopted and will enforce the MCC’s Spirit of Cricket statement - each ZCA participant should be familiar with this and ensure that they uphold these values and standards of behaviour



4.All ZCA participants commit to the following:

- To conduct themselves with integrity, humility and to play fairly (as defined by the MCC Spirit of Cricket statement) both on and off the field of play

- At all times, to demonstrate their best endeavours when participating in ZCA activities and to strive to perform to the best of their ability

- If at any stage, a ZCA participant is unsure about a task, duty or activity or feeling dissatisfied, in any way, it is their responsibility to discuss that matter with their coach in a polite and respectful way

- To show respect, at all times to the opposition, their teammates, spectators and organisers

- At all times, to hold in the highest regard and show the utmost respect for the match officials and their decisions in line with the Laws of Cricket

- To accept that in all cases, the decisions made by coaches and or match officials during games or practise sessions are final and under no circumstances should any player show dissent or question decisions, unless otherwise invited to in a suitable forum by ZCA

- To respect the facilities that they use during ZCA activities, whether at ADC or otherwise and ensure they leave them in the same state that they would wish to find them.



ZCA has a zero-tolerance policy towards the following:

- All forms of verbal or physical abuse.

- All forms of discrimination

- Unpleasant and/ or disrespectful language

- Any ZCA player, parent or the guardian that engages in any of these behaviours, or contravenes any other aspect of this Code of Conduct may be immediately removed from ZCA activities