Our Philosophy

Good People Make Good Players… Develop an individual!

Before understanding the content of the Team Abu Dhabi Academy framework, it is important to establish what it means to be involved with the team, and ultimately, what that looks like every day.

We want the following 5 pillars run throughout the cricket ecosystem at Team Abu Dhabi;


- Our history
- Our language
- Our rituals
- Our stories
- Our culture


- World class player ID and development strategy
- An outstanding multi-disciplinary environment
- Brilliant communication
- World class management and coaching team preparation
- A robust team strategy


- World class ownership of individual preparation
- Clear role clarity
- Adaptability and flexibility in order to get the job done
- Push the boundaries of what is ‘normal’


- Push your own boundaries
- Support everyone who pushes their boundaries
- Work on the things you are not good at
- Enjoy the pressure
- Be the player who makes the difference
- Comfortable with failure


- Be hard to beat – “Find A Way To Win From Anywhere”
- Belief – We believe in ourselves and each other
- We win
- We develop good people with good values
- Let’s leave it in a better place